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Number of theses at this level: 162.


AIKEN, GERALD (2014) The Production, Practice and Potential of ‘Community’ in Edinburgh’s Transition Town Network. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

AL-ALI, MOHAMED,SAIF,MOHAMED,QASIM (2011) Assessment of high resolution SAR imagery for mapping floodplain water bodies: a comparison between Radarsat-2 and TerraSAR-X. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

ALDERTON, SIMON,MARK (2012) Heavy Metal Contamination
Along the Coast of North-East
Masters thesis, Durham University.

ALEXANDER, CATHERINE,LOUISE (2009) Assembling fear, practicing hope: geographies of gender and generation in Newcastle upon Tyne. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Andrews, Jonathan Boyce (2008) Use of carbon isotope and C/N geochemistry in reconstructing vegetation communities: a mid- to late- Holocene palaeoenvironmental investigation from Romney Marsh, Kent, UK. Masters thesis, Durham University.

ANSARI, MOHAMMAD,NAYEEM,AZIZ (2013) Hunger, Place and Seasonality:
Understanding Monga Vulnerability in Northwest Bangladesh.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

ARMSTRONG, ANDREA,ELIZABETH (2010) Creating sustainable communities in 'NewcastleGateshead'. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Azeez, Makki Muhammad (1968) Geographical aspects of rural migration from Amara province, Iraq, 1955-1964. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


BAINBRIDGE, WILLIAM (2014) Heritage in the Clouds: Englishness in the Dolomites. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

BALMFORD, DAVID,SAMUEL (2011) Spatial and temporal water quality in the River Esk in relation to freshwater pearl mussels. Masters thesis, Durham University.

BARLOW, NATASHA,LOUISE,MARY (2010) Glacial isostatic adjustment and relative sea level change over the last earthquake cycle in upper Cook Inlet, Alaska, USA. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

BAUGH, CALUM,ALEXANDER (2011) The Impact of Climate Change upon the Snowmelt Hydrology of an Upland UK Catchment. Masters thesis, Durham University.

BAYNES, EDWIN,RICHARD,CREWS (2012) Peat bog restoration: Implications of erosion and sediment transfer at Flow Moss, North Pennines. Masters thesis, Durham University.

BEALE, NATALIE,HAZEL (2009) Young People's Health Beliefs and Behaviours: Power, Performance and Spatialities. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

BELETE, ROMAN,YISENI (2014) The Contest of Representation: Photographic Images of Ethiopian Women in National Print Media, Development Aid Organisations and Galleries. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

BENNETT, GEORGINA,LUCY (2010) Assessing glacier retreat and landform production at the ‘debris-charged’ snout of Kvíárjökull, Iceland. Masters thesis, Durham University.

BEST, LOUISE,ALICE (2013) Lake Diatoms as a Proxy for Holocene Environmental Change, West Greenland. Masters thesis, Durham University.

BIDDULPH, MATILDA,FRANCESCA (2013) In-stream and hyporheic water quality of the River Esk, North Yorkshire: implications for Freshwater Pearl Mussel habitats. Masters thesis, Durham University.

BLACK, MARTIN (2013) An investigation into reach scale estimates of sub-pixel fluvial grain size from hyperspatial imagery. Masters thesis, Durham University.

Bowes, Peter (1979) Settlement and economy in the forest and park of Weardale, Co. Durham, 1100-1800: a study in historical geography. Masters thesis, Durham University.

BRADER, MARTIN,DAVID (2012) Lateglacial to Holocene relative sea-level changes in the Stykkishólmur area, Snæfellsnes peninsula, Iceland. Masters thesis, Durham University.

BRODIE, CHRISTOPHER,RICHARD (2011) A comparative study on the effect of acid preparation methodologies on bulk organic materials, and a long-core geochemical palaeoenvironmental reconstruction from South China. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

BROWN, VICTORIA,HELEN (2012) Ice stream dynamics and pro-glacial lake evolution along the north-western margin of the Laurentide Ice Sheet. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

BROWN, VICTORIA,HELEN (2009) Reconstructing Loch Lomond Stadial Glaciers and Climate in the south-west English Lake District. Masters thesis, Durham University.

BUCKLEY, CHRISTOPHER,PATRICK (2010) Inverse modelling of diffuse pollution sources in the River Eden catchment. Masters thesis, Durham University.

BUCKLEY, SIMON (2011) Assessing the contribution of precipitation to urban flood inundation using a hydraulic modelling approach. Masters thesis, Durham University.

BUTTON, CATHERINE,MYRENA (2014) Domesticating Infrastructure: Mumbai’s middle class housing and rainwater harvesting. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

BYERS, EDWARD,ERIC (2011) The use of catchment-scale riparian intervention measures in downstream flood hazard mitigation. Masters thesis, Durham University.


CAIRNS, JOANNE-MARIE (2013) Defying the odds?
Identifying and understanding the relationship between health and resilience.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

CAREY, JONATHAN,MARTIN (2011) The Progressive Development and Post-failure Behaviour of Deep-seated Landslide Complexes. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

CARR, JOANNE,RACHELS (2014) Ice-ocean-atmosphere interactions in the Arctic Seas. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

famine, photojournalism and the Changing Visual Economy.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

CLAYTON, ALEXANDER,IAN (2012) Remote sensing of subglacial bedforms from the British Ice Sheet using an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS): Problems and Potential. Masters thesis, Durham University.

COCKSHUT, TAHIRIH,LADAN (2012) The Way We Play: Exploring the specifics of formation, action and competition in digital gameplay among World of Warcraft raiders. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

national-scale flood management in Bangladesh.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

CRAY, ALISTAIR,IAN (2010) The Dynamics of Coarse Sediment Transfer in an Upland Bedrock River. Masters thesis, Durham University.

CULLEN, BENJAMIN,JOHN (2013) Decompacting a Late Holocene sea-level record from Loch Laxford, northwest Scotland. Masters thesis, Durham University.


DICKENS, WILLIAM,ANDREW (2013) Late Quaternary palaeoceanographic evolution in the Skagerrak, north eastern North Sea. Masters thesis, Durham University.

DINGLE, ELIZABETH (2012) The effects of differential uplift and sediment supply on major Himalayan river systems at the mountain front. Masters thesis, Durham University.


DONALDSON, JOHN,WADE (2010) Marking Territory: demarcation of the DRC-Zambia boundary from 1894 to the present day. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

DUNSTONE, ROSS,BENJAMIN (2014) Testing the groove-ploughing theory for mega-scale glacial lineaton (MSGL) formation, using a large dataset of their morphology. Masters thesis, Durham University.


FAIRFIELD, GEORGINA (2011) Assessing the dynamic influences of slope angle and sediment composition on debris flow behaviour: An experimental approach. Masters thesis, Durham University.

FIASCONARO, MILO (2010) The localist turn in EU Regional Policy viewed from a Tuscan Perspective. Masters thesis, Durham University.

FIRNIGL, DANIELLE,ELIZABETH (2009) Tripping the light fantastic: exploring the imaginative geographies of Lord of the Rings ‘film tourism’ in New Zealand. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

FLEETWOOD, TAMLYNN (2012) Post-apartheid Education and Building ‘Unity in Diversity’: Voices of South African youth. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

FROUDE, MELANIE,JANE (2011) Capturing and characterising pre-failure strain on failing slopes. Masters thesis, Durham University.


GAFFNEY, LIAM,ROBERT (2011) Risks to Global Primate Diversity from Climate Change and Other Pressures. Masters thesis, Durham University.

Galiatsatos, Nikolaos (2004) Assessment of the